7 Day Healthy Detox Plan


COMING SOON! Our 7- day healthy detox and liver cleansing diet provides you with an entire week of tasty, nutritious recipes and easy home exercises designed to support your digestive health and help you feel great. Detox naturally with 28 – no pills or artificial detox shakes required!

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 7-Day Detox eBook COMING SOON.

Looking for a 7-day home detox to kickstart your healthy lifestyle while supporting a healthy liver? Don’t detox with liver cleansing pills or artificial detox shakes; detox naturally with the power of nourishing wholefoods.

Our 7- day healthy detox and liver cleansing diet will give you a week of tasty, nutritious recipes made from nourishing foods, herbs and spices known to support your liver and assist your overall digestive health. You’ll also receive 3 quick and easy video workouts with Sam Wood to help boost your metabolism during your detox.




  • A nutritionist-approved meal plan with 21 nutritious detox recipes to try
  • Delicious recipes for 7 breakfasts, 7 lunches & 7 dinners (with a shopping list for the week)
  • 3 home video workouts with Sam Wood
  • Simple home exercises that are known to reduce visceral fat and can help reverse a fatty liver

*note this is a downloadable (and printable!) ebook, so you will receive the detox plan as soon as your purchase completes.





This is not designed to be a restrictive diet for extreme weight loss. That’s not the 28 way (and there are good reasons why). However, if you are looking to get healthier, cleanse your liver and lose weight the natural way then our 7 Day Healthy Detox Plan is a great place to start your health journey.



Natural, nutritious meals! Although there will be foods we’ll recommend you avoid in the next 7 days, the focus of our healthy detox is less about what you will be cutting out, and more about the nutrients you will be putting in your body.

Our healthy detox menu follows our philosophy of ‘just eat real food’ and it is going to provide your body with all the nutritional elements and building blocks it needs for good health. The 7-day plan will also assist your liver by giving it a break from processed and sugary foods that are putting it under extra stress.

Your liver works hard to keep you healthy, so it’s important to keep it healthy too. 

When your liver is working well and, provided your overall health is good, you’ll feel in great physical shape. But if you haven’t been following a healthy lifestyle, then your liver may not be functioning at its best and you may be experiencing some symptoms of a sluggish liver.

Signs of a sluggish liver include:

  • fatigue
  • tiredness
  • mood swings
  • anxiety
  • skin issues & breakouts
  • weight gain



Your liver works hard to keep you healthy, and is involved in over 500 essential-to-life tasks – everything from cleaning your blood of toxins, right through to metabolising fats, proteins and carbohydrates and controlling your blood sugar levels. Sometimes your liver gets overworked (especially if your lifestyle has been a bit on the unhealthy side recently!) so it can be good to give your liver a break with the occasional liver detox or liver cleanse. A short 7-day detox is also a great way to kickstart a new, healthy eating lifestyle!

Your liver is a unique organ because it can regenerate damaged tissue by regenerating new cells, but it can take time. That’s why it’s a great start to do a 7-day liver cleansing detox, to give your liver a break and let it repair itself.


Is this detox suitable for vegetarians or vegans?

Although we have many vegetarian and vegan recipes in our main home fitness & nutrition program, our detox ebook has not yet been adapted for our vegetarian and vegan friends. But… watch this space!


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